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Guide To Safe Online Shopping

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Online shopping can be a little frightening to people who are new to the internet,but as long as you follow a few easy rules you should have no problem shopping online.

What are the rules ?

First before buying from an online store find out what that online stores return policy is. If you wait till after the purchase of a product you make find out returning it is almost impossible.

Second ,now days it's good to know what the privacy policy of any website you fill out forms on is.If you don't want your information spread all over the internet.

Third,Now for the purchase itself,When filling out a form to order something make sure all your information is correct,email adress must be right it's important,your postal address must be right and your credit card info must be correct.If any of the above is wrong your order may not go through.

Fourth,Most online stores will send you an order confirmation email to confirm your order was received,this is very important file it away if you ever have a problem with an order you will need the information contained in the email to get it corrected

Finally, Most stores will let you know when your order has been shipped

What if I have a problem with something I ordered at an online store ?

If you have a problem there are a few easy steps to having it corrected if you followed the rules above.

If you want to return something,if you checked what the online stores return policy is ,refer to that and follow thier instructions

If you have a question about your order look for a link to either the online stores customer service section where in most cases you can find a form to fill out or an email address

If you find a form fill it out completely,the more completely you fill it out the better your problem with your order can be solved

If you find an email address send an email explaining your problem with a copy of your order confirmation either attached or the information from it added to your email

Remember to be polite in your email,it doesn't help to be rude it only will make the person who recieved it mad and less likely to care about your problem.

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